Cosmos Invictus Announced For Steam Early Access

Cosmos Invictus, a sci-if strategy game, has been announced for Steam Early Access. It incorporates a blend of features not seen in many other games. However, developer, Pegnio hasn’t clarified what features these are or how they’ve been mixed.

So far, the developers have only unveiled some of the game’s basic features. You can check out the key features below.

Tactical CCG

According to Pegnio, the game is a “tactical CCG.” This should give potential players a clue as to what to expect. Cosmos Invictus allows players to customize their spaceships as well as their mechs. Furthermore, there’s a heavy emphasis on tactical combat.

Describing the game, Pegnio has said:

As the captain of your very own spaceship, your goal is to help your faction win the war…First choose between two factions: the Gaia Unity, an Earth-wide alliance or the High Frontier Alliance. Each faction boasts its own unique set of core ideals and unique cards.

High Quality Artwork

Key features include:

  • Forge Your Destiny: Join one of two rival factions and fight to secure your vision for humanity.
  • Assemble An Epic Arsenal: Acquire and choose from countless mech, pilots and spacships to create Battledecks.
  • Choose Your Battles: Duke it out in the PvP arena, complete mission based battled against the computer, or fight in one on one duels.
  • Aim For The Stars: Complete daily challenges to receive special reward such as cards and upgrades.

Furthermore, the game is set to have high quality artwork. According to the developers, extreme effort has been put into the game’s visuals. Cosmos Invictus releases on Steam Early Access on June 27. It should stay there for about six months or so. A full release should follow shortly after that. We will update you on any further news regarding Cosmos Invictus.

Source: Pegnio/Cosmos Invictus Press Release.

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