Cyan Planning New Myst Games, Land On GoG

A few months ago, Cyan announced a massive undertaking: releasing all Myst games on PC. Some of the five games would be easy. However, Myst 3: Exile and its sequel Revelation have been out of site for years. That being said, all five games have been released on


That isn’t the only news coming out of Cyan. The company is planning on creating some new entries in the series. Furthermore, they are focusing on AR and VR. Cyan CEO Rand Miller spoke to GoG saying:

“Working on Obduction was like leaving your house for a vacation – a change of scenery. It was nice working with a blank slate and making something completely new. But after our vacation, we came back home and realized that we are really really enamored with the potential for VR/AR. Almost anyone who has played a Myst game knows that it would be amazing to experience our immersive worlds in VR – we hear it all the time.”

Furthermore, he sad that that is the direction that they will be going in future installments of the franchise. When he spoke to GoG he said:

“So we’re planning for that – a new experience, new story, in some familiar ages and some new ages…but no it until the time is right. It’ll be something amazing.”

Potential Sequels

However, he declined to give any further information on any potential sequels. That being said, developing for AR and VR takes time. This is especially true with open world games like the Myst franchise. So, it will probably take a while to see any new entries in the series.

With Cyan set to visit familiar ages, it’s also possible that we could see earlier installments being redeveloped for AR and VR. Only time will be able to tell.


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