Skyrim Isn’t Dying Anytime Soon, According To Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has probably been Bethesda’s biggest success story. Upon release, it sold in the millions, with its popularity remaining over the years. Furthermore, it’s received more Special Editions and re-releases than most games would ever dream of.

And it’s not dying anytime soon, according to Bethesda’s Todd Howard.

Millions Of Players

According to Mr. Howard, Skyrim still gets millions of players every month. According to, Mr. Howard said in a speech in Barcelona:

“Even now, the amount of people who still play Skryim; millions of people every month are playing that game.”

Mr. Howard also joked about the games many re-releases and Special Editions, joking that if players didn’t want them then they shouldn’t keep buying them. The joke comes hot on the heels of the fact that the game is being released on Amazon’s Alexa.

20 Million Copies

At last count, the game had sold 20 million copies. However, that was in 2014, and doesn’t include sales on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It also doesn’t include sales on legacy platforms over the last four years.

Needless to say, not many games will be reaching that height anytime soon. With that being said, it’s pretty clear why Bethesda keeps releasing the game on different platforms. People keep buying it. Even seven years after its release, it’s consistently one of the most popular games on Steam. On any given week, it’s got one of the highest concurrent players on the platform.

However, that doesn’t mean that that’s what the developer will be focusing on in the future. At the moment, they’re working on The Elder Scrolls VI and a brand new RPG called Starfield. However, both of these seem to be a long time off, given the nature of both of the genres.


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