How Sociable Is the World of Gaming In 2017?

When you head online for some game time nowadays, the chances are you aren’t planning on doing it on your own. Sure, you might well be playing in a room on your own, and within your own physical space, and you might not be planning on immediately meeting any of your friends online, but the way that online games, especially multiplayer games, are now created with a social element in mind speaks volumes about what gamers expect of their gaming and leisure experiences in 2017.

While of course we can look at the world of the Xbox and PlayStation, and even Nintendo, to find ways in which gamers can be as sociable as they want to be (take the likes of voice chat or the ability to type messages to each other as examples), these days it extends far beyond that. Indeed, PlayStation is now among the pioneers in the development of virtual reality games, designed to help improve the way that gamers enjoy their online social experience. 

So, has iGaming kept pace?

Consoles have achieved this by making their games social events, whereby friends play against each other in multiplayer matches or in online tournaments. This push by the major console makers has helped to drive the growth in the eSports world but has the iGaming sector managed to do the same? Games like poker can be enjoyed on your own, but having the chance to see the dealer, talk to the dealer, and be able to interact to some extent with your opponents to try and understand what is making them tick really improves the environment for gamers to play in.

Many poker sites have brought in social aspects like encouraging webcam usage, and fast play with games like Snap Poker, which is much faster paced and appropriate for the pick-up-and-play generation than other forms of poker. Some more forward-thinking companies like 888poker have done this while also allowing these aspects to come to life during practice play so that gamers can understand the feel of the game and the social aspects without having to deposit money. In the same vein, some iGaming providers have also created the chance to watch live gaming, which makes games like poker, roulette and even blackjack feel a lot more exciting and a bit more like the real-life experience of actually taking part in a session in the casino.

Keeping Pace with the Future?

While the use of webcams, live chat and live casinos all help to create a more sociable experience, the challenge that the world of iGaming faces is keeping up to date with ever-evolving trends. With the world of online communication and technology rapidly moving forward all the time, there is always a risk of the sector getting left behind. However, the potential to embrace the likes of virtual reality or even augmented reality to help create a gaming world that is more and more realistic and allows for even stronger social interaction could see the landscape of iGaming grow even further than it has over the last few years. 

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