Steam To Combat ‘Fake Games’, Targets Achievements

It wasn’t too long ago that Valve stated they were taking a step back from policing developers. However, it seems like that policy will only apply to certain avenues, such as sexual content. In other areas, such as what Valve deems to be ‘fake games,’ they’ll be cracking down on developers.

100 Achievements

The news comes courtesy of an announcement to developers. In it, Valve notes that they will be targeting games with inflated, or easy to access, achievements. So far, though, it looks like the company is only at the beginning of the roll-out. Speaking to developers on Steamworks – via Kotaku – Valve said:

As you can guess, fake games were inflating achievement and game counts for users to display on their profiles. Our data shows us that an insignificant number of users were taking advantage of this, but the existence of these fake games still confuses our algorithms and users.

As such, Valve will be limiting Steam games’ achievements to 100. Any already released game will come with some form of warning. Furthermore, it looks like players who got badges through these ‘fake games’ will have them removed.

As we’ve already mentioned, the news comes not long after the company said they would be rolling back restrictions on sexual content in games on the platform. Many found out about the news through developers who were having games re-reviewed. Neither Valve nor Steam publicly commented on the matter. It also comes shortly after Apple blocked Valve’s Steam Link from the App Store. The app is set to let players stream games via Steam through their mobile devices. It was initially accepted. However, after further inspection, Apple rejected the app from the store.

So far, the company hasn’t publicly commented on the achievement restrictions outside of what was said directly to developers.

Source: Kotaku.

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