Warframe Gets Fortuna, An Open World Expansion

(Warframe - Digital Extremes)

Digital Extremes has unveiled Fortunate, an open world expansion for their MMORPG Warframe. The new expansion brings a host of new features to the game, such as new factions and combat. You can check out the new features below.

Fortuna Expansion

Describing what Fortuna brings to Warframe, Digital Extremes has said:

“Starting from the underground Colony of Fortuna where players pick up bounties and missions, Tenno will ascend to the surface of The Orb Vallis to view an exotic new terrain blanketed with Orokin structures, towering mushroom stands, and oceanic flora. Tenno will be able to traverse the landscape more quickly with the Bondi K-Drive, a single player hoverboard that nimbly jets across the landscape at the touch of a controller.”

However, the expansion brings a whole lot more than that. Key features for Fortuna include:

  • The Orb Vallis: This new open world setting brings a whole new terrain to the game for players to explore.
  • Solaris United and Fortuna: A new faction to the game that brings some interesting mechanics to the game.
  • New Combat Experiences: Some new technology added to the game, as well as new weapons, brings new combat experiences to the MMORPG.

Nintendo Switch

The announcement of Fortuna comes after Warframe was announced for Nintendo Switch. The Switch port of the game is being spearheaded by Panic Button, in conjunction with Digital Extremes. Furthermore, it’s supposed to be released on the platform later this year. However, it’s unclear if anything will be changed for the platform.

That being said, normally the developers keep things pretty similar when it comes to new ports. Because of that, players should be able to expect that the Nintendo Switch version will be identical to the Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

Source: Digital Extremes Press Release.

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