We Happy Few Gets Approved In Australia

Uncle Jack gives me nightmares. (We Happy Few, Compulsion Games)

It’s been a long road for We Happy Few. After its Steam Early Access campaign, everything looked set for a smooth release. However, the use of the in-game drug Joy proved that wouldn’t be the case. The use of Joy caused the game’s effective ban in Australia.


The Australian classification board rejected the game for classification several weeks ago. In their ruling, the board directly cited the game’s use of the drug. Furthermore, they said that the game rewarded players who used it. Because of this, the Australian classification board effectively banned the game from retail.

However, not long after this, the board announced that We Happy Few would undergo an appeals process. That being said, the board said that anyone wanting to comment on the matter could only comment on the game itself, and not the more broad criteria that resulted in its rejection.


After the appeals process’ announcement, several people registered as interested parties in order to make a case for its approval. The case occurred several days ago. Now, it looks like the game has been approved for retail in Australia with one caveat. It is getting an R rating with several warnings.

Speaking in their ruling, the appeals board said:

“A three member panel of the Classification Review Board has unanimously determined that the computer game We Happy Few is classified R18+ (Restricted) with the consumer advice ‘Fantasy violence and interactive drug use.'”

Compulsion, the game’s developers, also released an announcement praising the decision. They said they were “happy” that Australian fans would be able to enjoy the game “without modification.” They also thanked everybody who got involved in the appeals process and helped get the game approved.

Source: PC Gamer.

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