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BagoGames staff is always looking to expand. We are seeking friendly, engaging, and talented people to join our team of gaming enthusiasts. Check out our current staff below and if you are interested in joining our team, please send sample work to

Leadership Team

Trevor D. Kincaid
CEO / Co-Owner | @BagoGames

Christopher Newton
President / Co-Owner |  @Bunnypoppop

Editorial Team

Michael Mosley
Editor in Chief | @m_mosley_jr

Ule Lopez
Senior Reviews Editor | @UleTheVee

Ethan Buck
Co-Senior Reviews Editor, Reviews | @BucklesSupreme

Associate Writers & Contributors

Jerry Dobracki – Retro Games Extraordinaire
Writer | @superjerry13

Alyxx Digre
Writer | @ObeseRatAlyxx

Patrick Kennedy
Writer | @MR_HITCAT

Andrew Murray
Writer | @itsandrewmurray

Abdul Saad (DRK)Resident Anime Guy

Christoper Rivera (FalconTempest)
Writer | @Chris1014Falcon940

Jamie Moorcroft

Robert Life (Endyo)
Writer | @endyogaming

Mark McPherson – Resident Movie Reviewer
Writer | @Madness_Mark

Chris Anderson (Amazing Chris) – Host of “The BagoCast” Podcast
Writer / Video Content Creator | @Amazingchris

Pavlo Radchenko (Corvus)

David Restrepo


Trevor D. Kincaid
Community / Social Media Manager | @BagoGames


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