Monday, January 27, 2020

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Ritual: Crown of Horns Review

Ritual: Crown of Horns is a Draw Distance production. This Poland-based developer’s horror credentials are impressive, given their work in the upcoming Vampire: The ...

Beat Hazard 2 review

Beat Hazard 2 Review

Beat Hazard has a photosensitivity warning. Beat Hazard 2 also has one. I don’t have any sort of condition that ...

Battle Planet – Judgement Day

There’s always something about games where you traverse around a relatively tiny planetoid that catches my eye. Whether it’s Jettomero, ...

Valfaris Review

History has no shortage of brutal games about blowing up aliens, demons, or the undead to a metal soundtrack. Doom ...

What the Golf? Review

Golf games have seemingly been around as long as gaming has existed. The inherent inactivity of the sport means that ...

Crying Suns Review

I've looked at and played quite a few FTL-like games in the time since I finally pried myself away from ...

Time Break 2121 Review

Considering how popular SUPERHOT was/is, it's odd that so few games have followed its unique design. The idea of manipulating ...

Gris Review

There aren’t a lot of games that really get to me on an emotional level.  Some games try to do ...

Pawarumi Review

Pawarumi, an old school 80s, and 90s style shoot'em up that recalls the great classics of the past, winking a little ...

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