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Coffee Talk Review

A cafe (and not the over-commercialized Starbucks, a proper cafe) is a place where you go to relax, enjoy some ...

Ritual: Crown of Horns Review

Ritual: Crown of Horns is a Draw Distance production. This Poland-based developer’s horror credentials are impressive, given their work in the upcoming Vampire: The ...

Beat Hazard 2 review

Beat Hazard 2 Review

Beat Hazard has a photosensitivity warning. Beat Hazard 2 also has one. I don’t have any sort of condition that ...

Battle Planet – Judgement Day

There’s always something about games where you traverse around a relatively tiny planetoid that catches my eye. Whether it’s Jettomero, ...

Valfaris Review

History has no shortage of brutal games about blowing up aliens, demons, or the undead to a metal soundtrack. Doom ...

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