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Teacup Review

Teacup, a short indie game from newcomer Smarto Club, released this week. The trailer exudes a cozy cuteness that speaks to me. So much so, its been a game I've hyped up in the last...

Svoboda 1945: Liberation Review

Svoboda 1945 features FMV scenes History is messy. The generational trauma that violence and war bring is excruciating. At times, it may seem hard to escape. Svoboda 1945: Liberation addresses these themes using a creative mix of full motion...

Ritual: Crown of Horns Review

Ritual: Crown of Horns is a Draw Distance production. This Poland-based developer’s horror credentials are impressive, given their work in the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York and Halls of Horror (based on horror-themed board games of the same...

Valfaris Review

History has no shortage of brutal games about blowing up aliens, demons, or the undead to a metal soundtrack. Doom has certainly brought that back into the mainstream as of late. However, it isn’t quite...

Crying Suns Review

I've looked at and played quite a few FTL-like games in the time since I finally pried myself away from that addictive romp through space. Few have lived up to the quality and outright fun...

Time Break 2121 Review

Considering how popular SUPERHOT was/is, it's odd that so few games have followed its unique design. The idea of manipulating time with movement has been seen occasionally, but I can't recall anything in the shooter...

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