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PlayStation 5 FAQ Guide

PlayStation 5 FAQ

Since I have been able to put the PlayStation 5 to the test, there are so many questions! Is the PS5 noisy? How long does the DualSense battery last? How long are the cables supplied with the PS5? Can I use Bluetooth headphones...

F1 2021 Trophies Guide

F1 2021

There was a long negotiation between Electronic Arts and Take Two for the acquisition of Codemasters. However, in the end it was EA that won the battle and now owns of one of the most famous racing video game developers. The...

Returnal How To Save Guide

Returnal is the new Sony IP that released late April on PlayStation 5. Housemarque’s title is a third person fps with a mix between Control and The Binding of Isaac. The dark settings, rarefied atmospheres, haunting monsters, and alien creatures...

Returnal Boss Guide

Returnal Boss Guide

Returnal, the new Playstation 5 exclusive, is a very ambitious roguelike. The game puts you in the shoes of Selene, a woman who, disobeying the orders she has received, lands on a mysterious planet called Atropos. From the...

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