Thursday, January 23, 2020

Nintendo Switch Reviews

We have your latest Nintendo Switch Game Reviews all in one place.

Valfaris Review

History has no shortage of brutal games about blowing up aliens, demons, or the undead to a metal soundtrack. Doom has certainly brought that back into the mainstream as of...

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Gris Review

There aren’t a lot of games that really get to me on an emotional level.  Some games try to do it so obviously that, even when it’s well crafted, it...

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My Friend Pedro Review

I’m starting to think that whoever decides what games Devolver Digital will publish is just really into weird short games.  My Friend Pedro falls right in line with the structure...

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Crashbots Review

Sometimes it feels like developers are trying to do too many things to build a unique game.  The games that stand out these days, especially in the indie world, are...

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Katana ZERO Review

Indie games tend to lean heavily between gameplay and story.  Usually one is definitively the lead foot and the other is less of a focus for the developers.  Once in...

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RICO Review

The launch trailer for Rico made it look like at least a somewhat interactive crime drama wherein the bulk of the gameplay would center on kicking in doors and shooting...

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Ape Out Review

I’ve often said I’m a fan of short games.  Especially if they are unique, but would obviously wear out their interesting style if they stuck around too long.  Sometimes though,...

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Wargroove Review

Advance Wars was one of the few handheld based strategy series ever developed. It excelled at being simple and easy to pick up, but had a difficulty curve that meant...

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