The keys felt ice cold in Parker's hand. Her thin cardigan did little to insulate her body from the morning chill, but she only had to survive the quick walk across the parking lot. There were no onlookers so early in the morning—though even if there were they would think nothing of the librarian in her pencil skirt and grey cardigan opening up the library. Parker slipped her key into the lock and the other keys on the ring jingled. She quieted them in her hold as though they were revealing her secret.

Parker gave a sigh of relief as the warmth of the library enveloped her. She made sure the door was locked securely behind her before she swept the crystals from the sleeting rain off her shoulders and dried the soles of her ankle boots on the welcome mat.

Parker didn't bother to turn on any lights. The purple-grey morning through the windows allowed enough light for her to wend her way through the stacks, beyond the card catalog stations, and around the circulation desk. In the staff workroom, she dropped her purse in her chair, tossed aside her keys, and picked up the coffee cup from the corner of her desk. She headed toward the doorway that connected the new part of the library with the old.

The new addition of the library comprised the front of the building. It was over ten years old, but still smelled like crisp new paper and fresh paint. The original building built for the Willow Springs Public Library in 1887 wasn’t large, but the high ceilings made it look bigger. New features had been added throughout history. The plumbing in the 1930s, the kitchenette in the 1970s. The original fireplace had been closed off, but the mantle had been restored. The dark wood and heavy curtains seemed to hold the old library in a certain place in time, though that could have been the 1800s, the 1920s, or the 1940s depending on how the light caught the moment. There were no security cameras in the old part, save for the static camera facing the back door. The rooms smelled like antique paper and pine. It was the perfect place to order hot Turkish Izmir escorts for some fun for the evening.

To Parker, the best part of the old library was the little office just off the center room, restored to look like the first Head Librarian's office in 1887. The room had become a miniature museum for the history of the library. The walls were covered with photos and some newspaper clippings from every decade from the 1880s on. Photos of past library directors, librarians, some patrons, and their stories sparkled from the past for anyone who would take the time to look. There was no original furniture in the room, but a stately desk that had been in the library since the 1920s was there along with several other pieces collected throughout its history.

Parker went into the kitchenette and set her cup next to the coffee pot, but she did not start making the coffee. Biting her bottom lip, she strolled across the center room and into the office.

The old part of the library had cold spots and drafts, but that wasn't why Parker was trembling. She shrugged the cardigan from her shoulders and hung it on the door knob. Her fitted, dark blue dress shirt felt tight and she popped open the top button at her collar.

Parker’s gaze danced over the pictures on the walls. She wanted to reach out and touch them, but she didn't have to. In her mind, the people in the photos reached out and touched her—took her hand, caressed her face, brushed her lips.

Parker closed her eyes and let the first wave of arousal wash over her body. Who should I choose today?

A top choice was Olive, a clerk from the 1920s, with her sultry eyes and flapper frame.

Another favorite was Henry Buchanan, the Head Librarian from 1911 to 1917. He was always satisfying when she was in the mood for someone tall, dark, and stern.

Then there was Ray, a Librarian in the 60s. He had been a town handy man right out of high school in the 50s. The story went that the library needed a lot of repairs so Ray was there a lot and learned so much he got the librarian job in '62.

Then there was Lettie, the gorgeous library clerk from the 70s with her owlish glasses and hair down to her waist.

Of course there was always the very first Head Librarian, Katherine Lambert, also with hair down to her waist. But in Katherine’s photo, taken in 1890, her hair was braided and twisted up on her head.

Parker bit her lip again in thought, hesitating to settle into a choice. But she didn't have to decide—one of them always chose her.

"I was hoping you'd be here today. I was waiting." Ray's voice speckled goosebumps over the back of Parker’s neck.

"Mm." Parker's lips pressed together in a smile. She turned around. Sometimes Ray appeared to her in his white t-shirt and rolled up jeans, with his hair slicked back and paint on his hands. But he appeared before her now a little older than that, with a dark green sweater vest and thick-rimmed glasses. The tilt of his lips was still playful and youthful even as he stood there in his khaki pants and full librarian glory.

"Did you miss me?" Parker teased.

She got her answer when Ray pressed his lips eagerly to hers. After the swell of the initial contact, he parted her lips with his tongue and a flourish of heat deepened their kiss.

Parker grabbed his forearms, reveling in the feeling of his muscles beneath the fabric of his shirt. He had not lost the hardness of his handy man body in the years he had been disguising his physique beneath argyle sweater vests as a librarian.

Ray grabbed her in return, grasping her ass over the tight fabric of her skirt.

His mouth was all Parker could think about, with his possessive tongue and the graze of teeth against her bottom lip.

God, she thought, this man can kiss.

Ray lifted Parker onto the desk and his hands splayed across her back as he pressed his body into hers. Their dress clothes were hot and confining and the sensation of the fabric between them raked insufferable longing over Parker’s skin. She made the next move, assertively pulling his sweater vest off, forcing their kiss to break as she pulled the garment over his head.

She tossed the sweater aside and Ray captured her once again in an embrace of long, burning kisses.

The hem of Parker’s dress shirt was pulled free as Ray pressed his hands on her breasts, pushing her bra up over her tits, his thumbs rubbing her hardened nipples through her shirt. The moan Parker couldn’t hold back drowned in Ray’s mouth.

His touch was on the edge of being too rough and all of Parker’s senses were begging to have his hands on her bare skin. But she knew he was drawing all his experiences from the Drive-In movie on a summer night in the back seat, pushing aside clothing for glimpses of nudity, grinding into whatever he could find.

Parker wrapped her legs around his waist and he slowly pushed down her thigh high stockings before his hand glided up her thigh, cupping her ass over her panties.

When Ray pulled her up, she braced her hands on the desk and humped him hard, her wet panties rubbing his cock stiff through his khaki pants.

When he released her back down on the desk, Parker wasted no time unbuttoning his pants and ripping open the zipper.

Finally Ray set to real work, hiking her skirt up her hips. His fingers had just hooked into the top of her panties to pull them down when Parker suddenly felt another pair of hands grip her shoulders from behind. She gasped and in the next moment a fist was in her hair and a woman’s voice was in her ear.

“And just what do you think you are doing?”


In her shock, no sound escaped Parker’s lips.

By the look on Ray’s face as he backed away, neither he nor Parker had expected Katherine to show up. But now that she had shown up, one of them, maybe both of them, were going to be punished.

Katherine rounded on them with a whoosh of her long 19th Century skirts, her grasp still firm in Parker’s hair. Before Ray could get away, Katherine pushed him down into a chair.

“Don’t move,” Katherine commanded him. “I’ll deal with you first,” she added to Parker.

A burst of arousal bloomed in Parker’s core as Katherine pulled her over to the desk and forced her to bend over on top of it.

Katherine was much faster and more effective than Ray at removing clothing. She pulled Parker’s skirt high over her hips and wrenched her panties down to her knees in two swift moves.

With one hand still gripping the hair at the nape of Parker's neck, Katherine had a free hand to deliver a hearty smack directly to the sit-spot of Parker’s ass. A jolt of eroticism flashed through her body upon impact and she braced for more.

A flurry of close, hard slaps rained down on Parker’s bared skin. She was gasping and her toes curled in her shoes as her legs shook. She laid over the desk as the spanking slowed but continued with steady slaps that slowed to one final strike.

When Katherine pulled Parker up, she caught a glimpse of the Head Librarian’s ice-blue eyes. Her long red hair fell in a tight braid on her shoulder. Her green calico day dress accentuated her hourglass figure. Though the collar was high and the sleeves buttoned tight at the wrists, the swell of Katherine’s breasts beneath the fabric made Parker’s mouth water. Parker had felt the soft flesh of those breasts in her mouth, but Parker knew Katherine wasn’t in that particular mood today.

Parker thought perhaps Ray would be treated to the same punishment. Indeed, Katherine had bent Ray over the same desk before and made Parker watch, commanding Parker not to touch herself.

But Katherine decided not to do that today either.

“You can’t very well leave him like that,” Katherine scolded.

Parker’s gaze dropped right to Ray’s erection, pressing obviously out beneath a thin layer of his underwear through his open fly.

“No…” Parker said. “I didn’t intend to.”

Katherine pointed to Ray. “Keep your hands to your sides.”

Ray immediately gripped the sides of his chair. The horny young man in the backseat of the car had disappeared. He would do anything to please Katherine and he was squeezing out every ounce of discipline he had to give her.

“Now. Take care of him,” Katherine demanded. She pushed Parker down toward Ray. With trembling fingers Parker teased out Ray’s cock, moving his underwear down just enough to get the job done. She took a moment, placing her hands on Ray’s thighs. Katherine spoke up.

“Don’t use your hands. Keep them right there.”

Parker kept her hands planted on Ray’s thighs as she dipped her head and took him full in her mouth.

Parker started sucking, pushing her tongue hard on the underside of Ray’s shaft with each stroke. She was acutely aware that she was bent over in front of Katherine with her skirt up and her panties around her ankles. She wondered if she might be in for another spanking.

Instead, Parker felt a caressing touch on the backs of her thighs, moving up to the wet lips of her pussy. The touch broke a new level of heat over her skin.

Parker closed her eyes and sucked harder. Ray was panting through his nose, arms rigid at his sides.

She felt Katherine’s fingers delve into her cunt, deep and hard. From previous encounters, Parker knew Katherine was not going to touch her clit.

Parker wanted to cry out, beg, or move her hands to touch herself but she didn’t. She poured her frustration and longing into sucking Ray harder. He was throbbing under her tongue.

Katherine’s fingers pulled out of Parker and her voice said curtly, “Stop.”

Parker stopped and Ray’s whole body jolted. He hadn’t come yet but he was agonizingly close.

Parker’s jaw ached and there were tears in the corners of her eyes and her pussy was sobbing for relief.

Katherine put her hand in Parker’s hair again, but gently this time. She led Parker on shaking legs to bend over the desk again.

Parker put her full weight on the desktop, the side of her face resting on the cool surface. The desk felt secure and sturdy beneath her.

“Take care of each other,” Katherine instructed, releasing Parker’s hair.

Ray stood up behind Parker. Her panties at her knees kept her from opening her legs very far, but she did her best. He planted one hand on her hip and brought the other to gently caress her temple at her hairline. Ray thrust his cock into her and she stood on the tip-toes of her boots, letting the bliss fill her completely.

He began a steady fuck and Parker moaned. She took a chance and slipped one of her hands between her legs and her fingers danced little circles over her clit. Katherine said nothing though Parker could sense Katherine’s eyes on the two of them, searing hot.

Parker’s excitement spiked again and she knew she was close. She pushed back into Ray, their bodies moving together faster and faster, her ass ramming into the front of his thighs.

Feeling a burst of white heat deep inside her, Parker’s arousal swelled over. Her orgasm blossomed over her body, sending pleasure through her core, surging down her legs, and radiating out to the tips of her toes.

Utterly unraveled and disheveled, Parker let Ray lift her up into a standing position. Without a word, Katherine stepped in to stand in front of Parker and embraced her, her soft breasts pressing into Parker’s.

Parker closed her eyes and let them both hold her, all of their arms wound together like the braid in Katherine’s hair. When Parker shifted her head back to kiss Ray one last time she opened her eyes and realized she was kissing air.

Parker stood alone, half naked, shivering from a cold spot in the old office. She was leaning on the stately desk and looked back at the old photographs hanging silently on the walls around her.

She tucked her breasts back into her bra and straightened her shirt. She pulled on her panties and righted her skirt. She lifted her thigh-high stockings back into place and brushed back her hair.

Once Parker was put back together, she strode easily out of the office, taking her cardigan off the door knob as she left.

In the kitchenette, she plugged in the coffee pot and clicked the setting to make the maximum amount the machine would allow. Parker took her time walking through the library, flipping on lights, turning on computers.

She returned to the rich aroma of a hazelnut roast, filled her coffee cup, and took the vanilla creamer with her to her desk. There, she pulled out a book. She always read a little with her morning coffee before work started.

Some days Parker couldn't believe this was her life. She worked in a library, helped her community, and wore cute dresses with thigh high stockings. And on top of all that, she enjoyed a cup of coffee and a bit of reading every morning after a mind blowing orgasm.

Half the cup of coffee and several more pages into her book later, the front door rattled open and her first co-worker of the day arrived.

Heather didn't even say good morning as she flung her bag on her desk and made a beeline for the coffee. When she reappeared, she stopped off at Parker's desk to top her coffee with the vanilla creamer. She looked put together, but frazzled and tired around the edges.

"Thanks for always getting here early every day just to start the coffee,” Heather said. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

"It's my pleasure," Parker said, putting her book away and turning on her computer to start the day. "Truly, it is."

Parker wasn’t sure what she had in her connection with people who were not real, at least not real anymore. But she adored her lovers. She knew they were not quite history and not quite reality—but they were certainly better than fiction.

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