The length of the T-shirt will also affect the effect of the shape. When the hem is longer than the coat, it can be folded and worn, and the shape becomes more distinctive. And black items to create a classic black and white tone, the overall shape and a sense of layering.

The inner white T-shirt looks casual and easy-going. It can be combined with different styles of items, and it can be very relaxed when paired with a pair of footband sweatpants.

Jeans are also a very classic style in the wardrobe, the choice of jeans must be based on their body shape to choose, especially the body of the partner is not good. The version plus size jeans overbust corset maternity underwear maternity dresses underbust corset plus size pants plus size dresses shapewear Plus size corset Plus size lingerie the fitted straight cylinder is suitable for the widest range of people, and can create different styles. Modelling of tie-in leather shoes and business suit also can wear a composed feeling, build modelling of white clothings all match

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