Swaps And Traps Coming To Steam Next Week

Swaps and Traps, TeamTrap

Swaps and Traps will make its way to Steam next Monday on Feb. 12.

Developed by TeamTrap, Swaps, and Traps is about an ordinary man named Mike who must pursue his nemesis, Divider, who uses his hat to change not only the position of Mike’s world but also the direction. Players will have to use their platforming skills to make it through each level as they collect cursed keys, survive the moving screen portions and catch Divider in a number of different locations with traps galore.

Swaps and Traps, TeamTrap

The platformer has three worlds with more than 100 levels. As you collect a key in a screen, you’ll trigger the main trap of the game resulting in a screen that will swap, turn and flip horizontally and vertically, making what TeamTrap calls an already difficult platformer even more difficult.

Swaps and Traps launches with over 100 Steam achievements but TeamTrap warns that only the best of the best will be able to unlock all of them.

In 2010, the development team participated in the Global Game Jam, a 48-hour period where developers across the world work to create a game. While the Global Game Jam is by no means a competition, TeamTrap is proud that in 2010, the game that later became Swaps and Traps was selected by Global Game Jam editors to be among the top 10 out of the jam’s 900 games.

“It is great to see how indie ideas from collaborative events can turn out to be full productions on major platforms,” TeamTrap said.

Swaps and Traps will be available in several languages on Steam on Feb. 12. No price was available at the time of this writing.

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