Rainbow Six: Siege Has Free Weekend Coming Up

Tactical (tacti-cool?) FPS Rainbow Six: Siege will be doing a free weekend on PC, Xbox One and PS4 from the 15th of February to the 20th of February, with all progress being carried over if you buy the full game.

Rainbow Six: Siege, for those who treat AAA FPS shooters as a contest to see who can make their audiences’ eyes roll the most, is a tactical FPS whose focus lies in 5v5 attackers versus defenders fights. You pick an operator with their specific ability, armor/speed ratio, and weapons and either fulfill the objective (i.e. steal the hostage, diffuse the bomb or capture a point) as the attacker, let the time run out as the defender or kill the opposing team. While Rainbow Six: Siege started rocky on launch, with the inclusion of new maps (4 in Ranked and 5 in Casual), new operators (8 attackers and 8 defenders) and general fixes it has been used as an example of a game coming back from the brink of death and propelling into popularity way after launch.

The free weekend is something of a tradition as this comes just before Operation Chimera releases onto test servers (20th February), then releasing the operators to season pass owners and everything else to everyone including the new co-op mode Outbreak (6th March) and finally letting non-season pass owners get their grubby hands on the shiny new operators (13th March). For the past few seasons, we’ve had free weekends just before an operation drops, so if you’re busy and curious then this likely wouldn’t be your last chance. With progress being carried over, and the announcement that if you play an online match between now and the 6th of March you’ll get Ash’s Elite skin (elite skins are premium-currency-only usually) when the Operation drops, it seems daft to let this free weekend float past you.

Make sure to check out the Rainbow Six Invitational Finals between the 16th and 18th for full reveals of the two new operators (one French and one Russian) and what Outbreak will entail.

[Source: Ubisoft News Post]

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