5 Games To Keep Your Mind Off Of Being Snowed In

(Star Wars Battlefront, Electronic Arts)

With most of the East Coast finally digging out of Snowmeggedon, one has to wonder what they did during those three days of being trapped. I know that I would have played games for a glorious seventy-two hours with possible food and bathroom breaks. These five games would have helped me think of warmer climates as people chiseled their way into their cars:


5) Dante’s Inferno

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(Dante’s Inferno, Electronic Arts)

I’m thinking that Hell is the hottest place around, so playing through the short campaign of Dante’s Inferno while snowed in would really keep me warm. You play as Dante, trying to save the soul of his beloved who has been pulled down to Hell. Without even thinking, he follows her to where all abandon hope. He enters and begins his quest, surrounded by flames and lava. Climbing on the walls of Hell, with flames tickling my character, would take my mind off of the freezing temperatures outside. Slaying countless demons and saving a damsel in distress are just extra boons for me. Hell isn’t a great place to be, but it may be a better option than turning into an ice cube. Succeeding in the campaign can get you different endings, both good one and bad. Once again, both options are much better than freezing in an igloo.

4) Super Mario Sunshine

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(Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo)

Super Mario Sunshine is an underrated Mario game for sure, but a sunny and fun one at that. In this GameCube classic, Mario is on vacation and enjoying some fun in the sun when tragedy strikes. A mysterious Mario doppelganger begins to turn this beautiful vacation spot into a black, inky mess. The commoners, of course, blame Mario for all of the damage and task him with cleaning it up. He is given a pretty awesome water jet pack to wash away all the grime and must somehow clear his name. While Mario’s vacation is ruined, Peach and her friends still get to loaf about while he scrubs the walls clean in this sunny paradise. Mario gets a lot of sun in this game, just not a lot of fun. It’s still better than scraping the windshield of your car in sub zero temperatures.

3) Dead Island

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(Dead Island, Deep Silver)

Nothing makes you forget the snow more than a beautiful island getaway, even if you’re being chased all over creation by zombies. As you survive on the Dead Island and fight your way from stronghold to stronghold, you see that the island was a vacation lover’s dream. Survivors ask you to get them wine and other party items, forgetting to save themselves and instead party until the end. Even as you search bungalow after bungalow, you see remnants of the amazing parties that were being had before the outbreak. I would much more enjoy my time slaying zombies with a frying pan than I would using it to shovel myself out of my apartment.

2) I Am Bread

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(I Am Bread, Bossa Studios)

Nothing can take your mind off the brutal wind chill than being a piece of bread trying to get into a toaster. And that is basically what you try to do in human form when in a snowstorm. Instead replace bread with you, and the toaster with a fire place. This game will also take your mind off the Day After Tomorrow scenario of being stuck, seeing as the controls are tough to master. Concentrating and moving your fingers in all kinds of awkward positions will keep you warm and make sure that your hands do not get frostbite. The only thing that this game may make you is hungry; Toast is always a nice little meal when you feel like it.

1) Grand Theft Auto V

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(Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games)

The West Coast is an amazing place to spend the summer, and Los Santos soaks up the feel of Southern California. Instead of being stuck in a studio apartment hoping that the power stays on, you can be running around Los Santos wreaking havoc. You don’t have to just be a horrible criminal though. You can go hunting in the mountains, learn to fly, learn yoga, and so on. This game isn’t just a crime ridden romp through a fake Los Angeles; it has the same aspects of any open world game. It allows you to enjoy a digital world while the real world gives you the finger. Grab Trevor and do some hunting; It’s an easy way to take your mind off of the fact that your breath is freezing as it leaves your mouth.


What games have kept you warm during the frigid holiday months? Have I missed any?

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