Android Mobile Review: Brew Town

Brew Town is a Craft Beer Simulator. The game is a collaboration between AppBox Media and I Fight Bears. Due to its use of alcohol and drug reference the game is rated Mature. The gameplay is simple and centers around brewing and designing your own craft beer. You upgrade buildings, perfect flavors, and design your own bottles and cans. The game’s website even highlights some of their favorites in a hall of fame.

The Hall of Fame

Taking time to check out the hall of fame I felt a little terrified of lagers with names like Fireball, Biohazard, Poseidon’s Wrath and Al Capone none of them sounded particularly easy to swallow. I.P.A’s weren’t any better with names like At Worlds End, Mayan Temple, and Kraken In A Cracked Can. I took comfort in the more traditional looking Queen’s Common Wealth Red Ale and a unique donut inspired stout. Meanwhile, Pilsners got names like Cockatoo and Unicorn Love Juice. This begs the question, “what exactly is in Unicorn Love Juice”?

The Flavors

With numerous flavors to perfect drinks can be fruity or nutty, sweet or smokey. Whatever you craft, the flavor is up to you. If you’re into exotic fruits why not play with Lyche, Mango, and Passionfruit. Are spices your thing? Don’t worry there is Corriander, Tumeric, and Tarragon. Maybe the sight of nuts and berries makes you think of pb&j. Perhaps you learned that mangos and chili go well together from the food channel. Or you might go out on a limb and try to make a brew that tastes like cheese and crackers.

If you find yourself in need of some inspiration check out Brew Towns Instagram account. They’ve got a large display of brews with amazing designs and equally awesome titles. Many of them are from their research visit to Meantime Brewing. There are also some from Beavertown Beer, Cloudwater Brew, Five Points Brew, Island Records Beer, Tiny Rebel Brew Co., and many more.

Label Editing

Inspired by these brews, Brew town as a fun label editor with 52 Colors and hundreds of shapes allowing you to create just about anything on these bottles that you can imagine. Your bottle designs then get voted on by other players in kind of mini-game called “Hop or Not”. The game is nice in concept. However, I’m not sure the idea was implemented as well as it could be.

I feel like once I’ve labeled and got a 5 out of 5 heart rating I had no real reason to change them. And I don’t find myself progressing fast enough to unlock new brews. Progression in the game can be sped up by watching ads or buying in-game currency. But I got tired of letting ads run in the background and I wasn’t really moved to buy in-game currency. While you can create whatever your heart imagines, the incentives to are just downright lacking. I have had much more fun imagining what I would create in a more enjoyable game and looking at the creations of others. And with that, after several days of play, I am hitting uninstall.


Brew Town

Brew Town

Label Editor

9.5 /10


9.0 /10


8.0 /10


5.0 /10


2.5 /10


  • Fun Label Editor
  • Exciting Concept
  • Easy To Pick Up


  • Lacks Worthwhile Incentives
  • Slow Progression

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