Battlefield V First Details Revealed at EA’s E3 Conference

Our first real look at DICE’s return to World War II, Battlefield V, debuted at E3 this afternoon. More of the game will be showcased during Microsoft’s conference on Sunday. In the meantime, Dice used this opportunity to share a few details concerning the multiplayer of the game. Among them, the worst kept secret of all time – Battlefield’s new Battle Royale Mode featured in the title. No extra details were given concerning the actual specifics of the mode. As the first big shooter series to officially announce a Battle Royale Mode, the amount of details provided for the remainder of E3 is significant. We can certainly expect Call of Duty will also announce their own Battle Royale.

Goddess of War

On other fronts, the game will feature a story mode starring a Scandinavian heroine. The story seeks to tell some of the untold stories of the terrible global conflict of WWII, and Dice is certainly touching on unique ground with this approach. It promises to be endearing, insightful, and shine an untouched light on the great conflict. This approach is also significant in that it pays homage to the fact that war does not just affect the men who may have died and fought in them, but the women as well, without having to break with historical fact. Additionally, it touches on a wholly unexplored front of the war in Scandinavia. It’s called a World War for a reason, and the European front was so much more complex and wide then just Normandy Beach. Hopefully, we see more of this mode at the Microsoft conference along with Battle Royale content.

Rolling Over Farm Houses in a Tank is Back

The majority of the short trailer and announcement provided details concerning Battlefield V’s return to some of the things that first made Battlefield great, namely fully destructible environments and the World War II setting. Additionally artillery weaponry will be movable, adjustable, and customizable. Along with this was a promised but vaguely mentioned slew of options for customizations on characters, weapons, and vehicles. It was a short trailer, but we will get more tomorrow.


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