The Beast Inside Kickstarter Surpasses 50% of Funding Goal

As of the time of this writing, the “photorealistic horror game” has acquired $35,747 CAD of its $60,000 CAD funding goal with a month left until the campaign’s closure. Although things are looking strong, The Beast Inside‘s developers do note that this campaign is “all or nothing”. This means that if they don’t reach their goal by April 1st at 1:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, then the project won’t see a finished release even in a truncated form.

Movie Games and Illusion Ray Studio outline several stretch goals beyond the initial $60,000 CAD. Some of these are ambiguous. “More Gameplay Mechanics”, for example, is the first stretch goal listed at $75,000 CAD. The most expensive stretch goal of $350,000 CAD simply states “Let Us Surprise You”.  More NPC’s and multiple endings are listed at $225,00 and $250,000 CAD respectively with VR support promised if the project reaches $300,00 CAD. Though The Beast Inside is currently PC exclusive, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will come if backers cough up a total of $275,000 CAD.

The Beast Inside centers around a multi-layered narrative. One set of events takes place during the Cold War era while the other is set in the 19th century. Adam is a CIA cryptanalyst. He leaves Boston for a peaceful countryside life with his wife, Emma. As horror stories tend to be, Adam’s recollection turns out the opposite of peaceful. He comes across a diary in the attic of his new home written by someone named Nicolas. Adam must figure out how the story of Nicolas and his Civil War era is connected to events influencing Adam’s own present-day Cold War.

The Beast Inside, Movie Games S.A.

More about Movie Games S.A.:

Movie Game S.A. is a video game developer and publisher created in 2016 on the initiative of Aleksy Unchanski and Mateusz Wczesniak. Aleksy, a well-recognized Polish gaming journalist, together with Mateusz, a fan of video games, experienced in business development and financial sectors, created Movie Games to provide the diversity of video productions for people with just a minute for a lunch break’s play and those ready for hours of a great adventure. The main mission of Movie Games is to deliver the highest quality for the demanding players, but also to support young creators who can develop something of a unique value.


More about Illusion Ray Studio:

Illusion Ray Studio is a team of young, talented artists with many years of experience in both film and gaming industry, who previously worked for developers such as Platige Image, Fuero Games, and Farm 51 and finally decided to develop their very own project. We believe that a well-balanced mix of gripping narrative, beautiful graphics, and immersive gameplay is the key to players’ hearts. 


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