BlizzCon 2017 News Roundup

BlizzCon is happening this weekend, and for those not in the know, it is the yearly celebration for all things Blizzard. Starcraft, Warcraft, Overwatch and Hearthstone are some of the biggest franchises in gaming, and Blizzard has news for for almost all of its franchises. We are going to rundown some of the most important pieces of info from BlizzCon for you.

  • World of Warcraft is getting a vanilla server, and a classic version of the game. Over the years World of Warcraft has changed and evolved, but many players have longed for the early days of the game. Some have even started their own classic versions and servers which have been shut down by Blizzard. Now, Blizzard have confirmed that World of Warcraft Classic is coming and it will bring the game back to its beginning. Blizzard also revealed a trailer for the next World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth. The update will bring new areas to explore, enemies to fight, increased level caps and more.
  • Hearthstone has a new expansion coming “next month”. No date was given other than that, but it is going to be called Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs. The new expansion is all about dungeon crawling and getting loot and will include a single player mode. In this mode, players face off against eight different bosses, and they gain new cards to put in their deck after each one. However if you lose, then you will lose all the cards you have gained. Most importantly, if players login on Monday morning, November 6th, they will receive a Marin the Fox card early to add to their collection.
  • Overwatch had a number of reveals today at BlizzCon. First and foremost, a brand new DPS healer was revealed; Moira, a Talon geneticist. She looks like she has an interesting kit, but probably the most important piece about her is that she was the geneticist who transformed Gabriel Reyes into Reaper, and not Mercy which is what many fans have believed. Overwatch is also getting a pretty interesting new map called Blizzard World. It’s essentially what would happen if Blizzard made their own Disney World, with plenty of fan service spread through the map, including bits of Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft and more.
  • There are some new heroes coming to Heroes of the Storm. Hanzo will be heading there, as well as Alextrasza from World of Warcraft. Alextrasza is the most interesting addition as she can transform into a dragon when her health gets too low. Both characters will be added to the game next year via an update.
  • Starcraft 2 is going free-to-play. The base game will now be free for players, with the first campaign, Wings of Liberty being free. For players that already own the game they will receive Heart of the Swarm for free. The other single player campaign expansions will be $14.99 for those that are playing the game free and do not have them yet.

BlizzCon has definitely started things off with a bang, but the weekend isn’t over yet, and there could be more news still to come. Lots of exciting stuff happening if you are a Blizzard fan, however, so far there hasn’t been any sort of Diablo news, which is somewhat disappointing. Regardless, lots to sink your teeth into if you’re a fan, especially of Overwatch. Which news story has you most excited? Sound off in the comments below to let us know.

Source: BlizzCon 2017

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