Dragon Quest Builders Demo Released on the Switch

(Dragon Quest Builders, Nintendo Switch)

Nintendo surprised it’s fans with a mini Nintendo Direct this week featuring some fun upcoming Switch titles and ports. One of the more creative games is Dragon Quest Builders which allows players to build structures, towns and defend against monsters. A demo for the game was made available after the Direct.

In the country of Alefgard, it is up to the player to rebuild the towns laid waste to by monsters. Rebuilding the towns will invite new townsfolk who will come to stay. DQ Builders will give you the freedom to craft defenses, towns and individual rooms. By increasing a town’s level, the monsters under the leadership of Dragonlord will hear of you and try to destroy all you built. Do not lose heart as defeating monsters in battle and destroying a bit of the environment means you can collect craftable materials.

There is a special place: Terra Incognita that allows players to share their creativity online and even battle while proving their strength in arenas! Exclusive content to the Switch will also be available in Terra Incognita. You may not only share what you have built online but also download other players creations!

Dragon Quest Builders, developed by Square Enix will launch on the Nintendo Switch on February 9, 2018 through the Nintendo eShop.

Source: Nintendo Press Room and Nintendo Direct Video

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