ELEX Launches Today with a New Launch Trailer

If you’re craving a new RPG to play this week, maybe you should check out the new game from Piranha Bytes. Previously known for the Gothic and Risen series, Piranha Bytes’s next game, ELEX combines science fiction and fantasy in a new open-world RPG being published by THQ Nordic. You can check out a launch trailer for the game above.

ELEX boasts one of the largest weapon selections in a role-playing game, which is natural since it offers both the weaponry of a science fiction game and the traditional weapons you’d find in a fantasy RPG. As for the game’s title, it refers to the resource that players will be fighting over that give people magical powers. Personally, I can never get enough science fiction/fantasy crossovers, and while this isn’t a AAA title or anything, those also tend to offer some of the more interesting character moments and narrative beats. I’m personally pretty excited to see what the story has to offer and whether the extensive amount of weaponry available offers enough variety to take down enemies without it getting repetitive.

ELEX is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC today. Let us know in the comments below whether you’ll be picking this up!

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