Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Gaming Channel

The fact that you can play video games with your friends, have fun, and get paid for it seems like a dream, and yet it is a reality that a few lucky gamers have created for themselves. The chances, of course, are the same as they are for any television personality. It will require a lot of hard work, dedication, creativity, and honestly just sheer dumb luck. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! You can build up a decent following of fans and create a community of those who love what you do and share your love of video games. To start, just follow these steps:

Find a Niche

Pewdiepie is the king of gaming…maybe you could be too someday?

There are so many gaming channels out there that it can be hard to stand out. By finding a niche, you can cut through the noise and attract the attention of people who are just like you. Perhaps you are very good at editing and like to cut a game together into a cinematic version of itself, or perhaps you are incredibly good at puns – know what you are good at and focus on it. You need to be the best at something in order to attract an audience, and knowing your strengths and focusing on those will help you achieve that goal.

Learn How to Edit

Many great editing software to choose from…

Very few people take the time to sit and watch a video for hours on end. The only exception, of course, is when it comes to playthroughs, in which case it is advisable you make periodic episodes of a certain length, like thirty minutes or an hour. Regardless of what your goal is with your videos, however, it is advisable that you edit. A lot of humor can be gained from a good cut, and knowing how to adjust settings like brightness or audio can go a long way. This is particularly important if you film reviews, jokes, or other parts of your video where you are the main focus.

Create Branding

Making your own brand is pretty easy…

If you truly want to come across as professional, you will need to create branding. It means using a YouTube channel art maker, and even creating a logo for within your video that you can play at the start. You can often create this branding yourself with enough patience. Read through tutorials, use easy creation tools, and try to find the perfect look that conveys your gamer personality.

Make Money

Youtube Apocalypse isn’t as bad as it sounds…

YouTube might have increased the threshold that content creators need to reach before you can start earning money through advertising, but that is okay. Focus on producing great content, engaging with your community, and making friends online. The more effort you put into creating a professional product, the more likely you will gain fans. There might be a lot of gaming channels out there, but by creating a quality account, you will put yourself ahead of many of them. Do it because you love playing games and creating videos, and it won’t matter how long it takes before you can start earning money through advertisements, you will already have won with every single new view.

Have you tried to start your own YouTube channel? Have you found any level of success? Would love you hear some success stories. 

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