Fallout 76 Will Open It’s Vault Doors On November 14th

Yes, Fallout 76 will be out this year and entirely online with optional multiplayer. Set in West Virginia the game has all new creatures actually inspired by the state’s folklore. The game looks to be a bit more colorful than the past titles in its country setting. And the animation spoke to the new rendering, lighting, and landscaping technology added to the game’s engine for this title. Players can build wherever they want in Fallout 76. And those structures should be around for a while with the games 100% dedicated servers.

About Vault 76

Vault 76 was occupied by a control group of 500 people tasked with repopulating the world after the nuclear war. You awake a little later than the rest of your comrades on the day you are scheduled to leave the vault in 2076. It is the tri-centennial of America. And today is reclamation day! And Vault 76 is now complete. The vault may have been engineered by Vault Tech but it was built by you. Now that the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled you must rebuild. Slap on your Pip-Boy and get ready.

Initial Reactions

In a humorous fashion, a number of individuals have started to pay their respects with the letter “F” for the individual who is shown outside the vault at the beginning of the trailer. Some have to wonder if the F stands for failure once you see his suit buried and him clearly dead. Meanwhile, countless others have expressed a fear regarding optional multiplayer still hoping for strong solo play-ability. Some are remaining open-minded. However, many people have been seen using #saveplayerone. And some have taken it further with #notmyfallout. With the release date fast approaching the beta should be just around the corner. However, a date for it has yet to be announced.

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