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Film Fallout Podcast #53 – Logan Runs Into The Girl With All The Gifts

(Logan, 20th Century Fox)

Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan, just like Logan, are getting pretty tired… tired of all these superhero movies! Well, we recognize the futility of our situation, but Logan is out now and brings a breath of fresh air. Dylan already wrote a review for it, but we discuss it in greater detail on the podcast today. How does this compare with the rest of the X-Men films? I mean that both tonally and thematically, which we explore. And is this a fitting end to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Give the podcast a listen to find out.

That’s not all though! Dylan saw The Girl with all the Gifts which everyone has been raving about since its premiere last year. Perhaps it’s an awesome addition to the zombie genre? And Chris saw The Shack, which he proceeds to spoil the entirety of because it’s almost too surreal to believe. We’ve also got Blu-ray releases to talk about and some news, as usual.

Next week we’re back to talk about Kong: Skull Island, from the director of the indie hit, The Kings of Summer.

Give a listen to the podcast below:


Film Fallout is a weekly podcast about film and television. Every week, Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan discuss news happening in the industry, blu-ray releases coming out this week, what they’ve been watching, and then a review of one movie. You can listen to it on SoundCloud, iTunes, or on BagoGames. Also follow us on Instagram for some behind-the-scenes magic. We are both on Twitter, if you’d like to follow us there. Chris is @HammerkopCross, Dylan is @DreaminDylanS, and you can follow the podcast @Filmfalloutcast.

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