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Film Fallout Podcast #67 – They Live Off The Leftovers

The Leftovers
(The Leftovers, HBO)

The Leftovers may have ended, but Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan are hellbent on making sure it is remembered forever. Instead of reviewing a movie this week, they talk all about the entire series of The Leftovers, created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perotta, based off Perotta’s novel of the same name. From our favorite episodes and characters, the moments that defined the show, and what the show meant to us, The Leftovers was a triumphant success and we can’t wait to dissect the entire show for you. Our discussion starts at 1:01:20.

We really didn’t see any movies that came out recently, so instead Chris celebrates E3 week with a review of Doom, and Dylan watched the Criterion release of the week, They Live by Night. We also talk about the Black Panther trailer and how Netflix is still not happy with Cannes. There’s also the blu-ray releases of the week, where we choose The Lego Batman Movie as our pick of the week, but John Wick Chapter 2 is worth your money too – both movies we recorded a podcast on.

Next week, we’ll be reviewing Rough Night. Give a listen to this week’s podcast below:

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