The First-Ever Black Desert Online Costume Design Contest Has Begun

Black Desert Online, Kakao Games

Yesterday, Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games announced their first-ever global Online Costume Design Contest for their popular MMO game, Black Desert Online.

Wanting to allow their fan base around the world express their creativity and love for Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss, and Kakao Games are allowing artists from North America and Europe to submit costume designs. From there, a finalist from each region will be selected and will compete with already-chosen designers from South Korea, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, South America, Turkey, Thailand and South East Asia.

The costume design of the grand prize winner will be added to the game courtesy of Pearl Abyss. The winner will also receive $10,000 of Pearls, Black Desert Online’s in-game currency of the same value. Regional finalists will be awarded prizes worth $3,000 or their equivalent of Pearls. Every competitor will receive a prize although the nature of that prize has not been announced.

Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss

The Global Costume Design Contest submission period started yesterday, Feb. 7 and will end on March 5. The top 10 of each North American and European designs will be announced on March 14 and will be submitted for community voting up until March 19. These votes will determine the regional winners which will be announced on March 20. The grand prize winner will be announced on April 11.

Black Desert Online is a sandbox-focused MMORPG that launched in 2015 in Japan and Korea and the following year in North America and Europe on PC. Xbox One and PS4 versions are set to launch this year but an exact date has not been announced. The game currently sits at 73 on Metacritic.

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