Free Games With Gold Titles Announced for November

With a new month here, so too comes a new lineup of free Games With Gold titles for Xbox platforms. Racing, action-adventure, platforming, and treasure hunting are all to be expected this month. First up, for Xbox One owners Trackmania Turbo is available throughout the month of November. Starting November 16 through December 15, Tales From the Borderlands can be added to your digital library. Xbox 360 owners can add NiGHTS: Into Dreams for the first half of the month, then Deadfall Adventures in the second half of the month.

Trackmania Turbo is an over-the-top racing game which features around 200 tracks. It also allows players to create their own tracks on top of that. Tales from the Borderlands combines the Telltale games’ style of storytelling and gameplay, but sets it in the Borderlands universe. This will include the entire season, which is comprised of five episodes. We gave Tales from the Borderlands a 9 out of 10 saying it had “extremely funny dialog and situations”, with top-notch voice acting.

The 360 titles are backwards compatible for Xbox One owners. Also, The Turing Test is still available for Xbox One until the 15th of November. If you want to see November’s Games with Gold briefly in action, you can check out the trailer above.

Overall, this looks like a nice lineup for Xbox owners, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Major Nelson

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