Gamers In Beta Podcast 210: A Labour of Love

Things do not always go as planned.

Here at Gamers In Beta HQ, we’re hitting a rough patch with some technical issues. We pieced together Episode 210, as best we could. It you listen hard enough, you’ll find the laughs. Enjoy!

This episode features listener voice mails, answers to the Question of the Week, and assorted relevant gaming news.

Games mentioned this week are Splatoon 2, PUBG, Dead Cells, Wolfentein: The New Order, and more.

Leave us a Voice Mail at 508-658-BETA!

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For more info on Episode 210, head on over to GamersInBeta.com.

The Gamers In Beta podcast is also available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeart Radio and Libsyn RSS.

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