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Minecraft is one of the biggest games out there, adults know of it, children know of it, even the elderly know of it, but what they don’t know is that it may be haunted. Herobrine, the name gives shivers to any hardcore Minecraft player, isn’t even mentioned in the games source-code. Which means, Herobrine should not be able to manifest himself into the game.

Due to this fact many people believe that there is no Herobrine in Minecraft and that all the stories are hoaxes set to mislead players and fans of the series. Even the creator Notch has denied his existence, and still does from time to time on his Twitter page.


However, Notch telling the world over and over that Herobrine doesn’t exist isn’t enough to keep people from treading carefully in the world of Minecraft. Like most urban legends of the video game variety, this one began on creepypasta and 4chan, but didn’t take off as expected. The post on 4chan stated that Herobrine appeared in a single player game and covered the area with pyramids and tunnels.

The legend almost floundered until a Brocraft streamer named “Copeland” Photoshopped some images of Herobrine in Minecraft. “Copeland’s” like of the legend and hurry to be a huge part of it gave him the idea to stage a hoax. He decided to stream himself playing Minecraft, and about twenty minutes into the stream had Herobrine show up. “Copeland” being a great actor, ran out of the room screaming, thus ending the steam.  A star was born, to say the least, and this was the picture that did it.

First known picture of Herobrine, from Brocraft's livestream.

First known picture of Herobrine, from Brocraft’s livestream.

After “Copeland” calmed down, he resumed his stream, but Herobrine was nowhere to be found. He continued to be frightened in the stream, then finally told everyone that he was going to delete this world, so as to never meet Herobrine again. It didn’t end there though, soon after another streamer decided to take the Herobrine torch, this time user “Patimuss” was live streaming and when Herobrine arrived he too screamed and ended the stream. Ten minutes later her resumed his stream, but Herobrine has disappeared for the moment. However, during that Herobrine free stream, “Patimuss” is heard talking to his wife during the stream that he is “trolling” “Copeland”. The stream viewers were of course upset and blew up the stream chat with outrage, “Patimuss” then closed the stream. “Copeland” obviously was upset that Herobrine had been called a fake, and posted this link in many of the chats, http://ghostinthestream.net/him.html. When you click on the link you are whisked away to this picture.


Under this picture, there are thousands of characters, and someone removed all the non-letter characters to reveal a single quote:

“It has been reported that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a fantasy world from which they could not WAKE UP. In this catatonic state, the victim lived in a world just like their normal one, except they weren’t being tortured. The only way that they realized they needed to WAKE UP was a note they found in their fantasy world. It would tell them about their condition, and tell them to WAKE UP. Even then, it would often take months until they were ready to discard their fantasy world and PLEASE WAKE UP.”

Pretty creepy, right? This was the birth of Herobrine, and no one could stop the huge Internet sensation it would come to be.

Many have called Herobrine a hoax, and fake, even “Copeland” outed himself and stated that the entire thing was fake. That doesn’t stop people from seeing Herobrine in their Minecraft worlds or from mentioning him everywhere. Notch (as seen above) likes to comment time to time about Herobrine and his lack of existence, but there is still something fishy here. If Herobrine didn’t exist, why would Mojang’s updates to Minecraft say: “Removed Herobrine,” or “Removed all ghost entities under the command of Lord Herobrine.” Does this confirm the existence of Herobrine? Does this confirm the existence of Mojang’s sense of humor? We don’t really know, there could be a ghost in Minecraft, and if you are yet to be haunted by him, be wary, for you may be next.

Have any gaming urban legends of your own? Creepy, kooky, or just plain spooky, there’s always something that doesn’t meet the naked eye…and we want to believe. Stay tuned for more of them, along with your latest news, previews, and favorite features here at BagoGames.

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