Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets First Free PVP DLC

A few months ago Ubisoft launched Ghost Recon Wildlands, which was generally received fairly well. When it launched though, it was primarily an open-world PVE game, with no PVP; that was to come later, said Ubisoft. A month ago the PVP portion of the game launched, entitled Ghost War, which allows teams of 4 to take on each other in tactical shootouts. The mode is entertaining, but little was known about what the future of PVP would entail, but finally Ubisoft released the first free DLC for the PVP portion of the game and revealed what is to come.

The first PVP DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands is titled “Interference” and it includes a new class, The Disruptor, as well as a couple new regular PVP maps, and an entirely new mode called Uplink which has its own set of maps. The Disruptor is an interesting class, as their role is to interfere with the other teams ability to communicate. The Disruptor class comes complete with jammers, and can mess with the enemy teams mini-maps, markers, even interfere with their aiming capabilities. The Uplink mode has four maps specific to it, and each one revolves around having a central hacking point, where both teams need to lock down and access the computers, setting up an uplink. All the while you need to work together to defend the position, or completely take out the other team. The mode can get pretty intense as teams are forced to clash at the center of maps, and it looks to be quite a bit of fun.

Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisoft

There will be free PVP updates monthly from now until April, but little is known outside of the names; Jungle Storm, Extended Ops, New Assignment, Reinforcement and Bravo 6. What has been stated is that there will continue to be new maps, new classes, new modes and even a ranked mode coming. According to Ubisoft “Season Pass and Ghost War Pass owners (included in the Season Pass or $14.99 standalone) will get seven days early access to all new classes. After seven days, all other players can unlock new classes via Prestige Credits earned through normal gameplay or by purchasing credits from the in-game store.” With plenty of content coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands, it looks like a great time to jump in and try it out, especially with the PVP being the closest thing you can get to a current-gen SOCOM game. Will you be trying out Interference, and are you enjoying Wildlands still? Let us know below what you think of the game and the PVP roadmap.

Source: Ubisoft Website

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