Greystone is the Next Hero Coming to Paragon

Greystone is the newest hero to be added to the list of characters in Epic Games’s take on MOBAs, Paragon. Greystone will be added to the game via an update coming on July 12, to the PS4 and PC versions. While the game is still technically in a Beta state, it has been a very active beta, with plenty of updates, tuning, and new heroes added frequently, with Greystone being the latest.

Greystone is a fighter character, armed with his trusty sword and shield, who excels at being at the front of battles and getting involved in team fights. His move set includes ways to close the gaps on enemies to get closer for the kill, as well as another key move that deals damage to all those around him. He also has some passive skills that increase his toughness, and his ultimate is a self-resurrection move that allows him to come back and seek revenge with some health recovered and full mana.

The game has been in beta for a number of months, and is cross-play between PS4 and PC. For the month of July, all PlayStation Plus subscribers can receive the Starter Pack for free, and a full open beta is slated to launch on August 16. Once open beta starts, and when the game comes out, it will be free to play. All heroes will be free and purchases go towards unlocking skins and taunts as well as cards to be used in-game that modify your character and tactics.

Paragon has gone through a number of tweaks and balances over the months as the developers have striven to find the best balance for the game as it heads into open beta. Greystone looks to add another fresh face to the roster and his skill set looks like it will be very fun to toy around with.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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