Hulu Now Available in the US for the Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch has been out for about eight months, but thus far has not had any multimedia support, outside of the NicoNico app in Japan. Now, suddenly, Hulu has been released in the United States for the Switch, available for free to download and with a free month trial option. The app first showed up in Nintendo’s weekly releases, merely as a bullet point on a list of upcoming titles available on the eShop. Today when the eShop updated, Hulu was there for players to download and take advantage of.

Will we be seeing more streaming services on the Switch soon?

When the Switch launched, Nintendo made it clear that they were focused on the Switch being a gaming machine first and foremost. However, they did mention that after getting the system rolling that streaming services would be coming to the machine, it just wasn’t a priority. Today, it looks like we are finally seeing the first of hopefully many streaming services coming to the system. The Wii and the Wii U have YouTube and Netflix support, so it seems strange for the services to not be on the system. On top of those services, it’s likely we will see other streaming services like Crunchyroll on the system, and perhaps even the sports services will join in as well.

The Switch has been a massive hit for Nintendo this year, and the holiday season will probably be even better for Nintendo. With some of the best games of the year, like Super Mario Odyssey and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, on the system, more and more players will be spending plenty of time with their Switches. It just makes sense for services like Hulu and Netflix to be on the Switch so players can take a break from gaming to watch some classic Seinfeld or The Punisher. Are you excited for Hulu to come to the Switch, or are you waiting for Netflix for your streaming needs? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo

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