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Igniting Cow Farts to Kill Robots | Space Farmers Review

Please take into consideration that the game during the evaluation process was on version 1.1 – 24th April 2014

Space Farmers. What do you think when you hear that name? Whatever it is, please refrain yourself from thinking of it again.

Space Farmers is a Co-op Action game by British Indie Development team, the BumpkinBrothers. Two farmers have been abducted onto an alien space station. Although that very space station is being attacked by a group of savage robots, with their enslavers fleeing for their very own lives, the farmers must fight for freedom! – You, one of the farmers, and a friend team up to defeat killer robots, use animals to solve puzzles and escape the station with your pigs in tow! Each level consists of different challenges each with their own weapons and gadgets creating a new unique experience every time you progress.

With the game currently in its early development form (not alpha), gameplay is restricted to two player online co-op whereby a player either joins a session or hosts one. You then both select a character and an optional accessory for the character to wear, where some can have extra animation such as the pipe blowing bubbles but they do not give any advantages to your character. Some characters and accessories are locked and to unlock them you must purchase them using Turnips, which are collected in-game from defeated enemies such as Chompers or by completing challenges in the ship’s Escape Room. Once you have selected your preference you are thrown straight into the action, where you must complete 5 stages before you can chill out in the Escape Room! Aiming is controlled using your mouse and movement with the keyboard, but you can also use a controller if you have one for your PC. Some gadgets include gloves to pick up pigs, a flare gun to ignite cow farts, a pie maker to feed animals, a helicopter backpack, potato detonator and more. If that doesn’t attract your attention then maybe this game is not for you.

Space Farmers has a very simplistic yet unique and eye pleasing style of graphics that compliments the feel of the game to a tee. Although clearly not a graphically impressive game by any means, it’s indie/retro feel goes with the game’s wacky music and overall madness of the game, but overall it looks pretty appealing besides the exact same backdrop you see in every level, it could use a little face lift.

You would be surprised on how many cooperative games do not incorporate special elements to enhance teamwork in the map design, but fear not Space Farmers is an exception. Each stage is very unique and uses different weapons and gadgets for puzzles and battles. Working off a two path system layout the majority of the time you will find yourself split away from your partner with separate mini objectives to ultimately come back together and reach the finish. There’s also a scoreboard in the Escape Room so you can also be a bit competitive while helping each other survive. And despite the childish nature of the game, don’t take it lightly, as some of the stages can be pretty challenging. If one person doesn’t work with the other, the game can become extremely difficult fast, as when one farmer dies, the level restarts.

So, if you’re looking for that one game you can play with a friend and have a laugh with as you’ve already completed Borderlands several times, this is definitely the game for you. Currently priced at £6.99 ($9.99) for two copies of the game, it’s affordable, wacky fun for you and a pal! And even if for some reason you don’t enjoy the gameplay, the soundtrack is a marvel for an indie title and should be listened to by all, so much so that Sam tweeted the BumpkinBrothers and got just that; The soundtrack is available on Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want album!

Pricing & Information: – http://store.steampowered.com/app/271570/

Space Farmers

Space Farmers




  • Varied Co-op Elements
  • Wacky Soundtrack
  • Smooth & Unique Gameplay


  • 2 Player Limit
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