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Kamisama Kiss Fan Book Releasing This Fall

Tomoe and Nanami are in love but they have a few problems that most lovebirds have never experienced. Nanami is a human girl who has been elevated to power and status as a land god and Tomoe is an ancient fox familiar with an occasional attitude problem. Both work together to sort out their issues that pop up from their everyday heavenly jobs. Kamisama Kiss is a wonderful story of love, heavenly creatures, and plenty of sarcasm. The anime and manga are beloved by thousands of fans who want nothing more than to see more artwork depicting their favorite characters. With the Kamisama Kiss fan book, their wish can be fulfilled. Julietta Suzuki, the illustrator and writer of the manga series Kamisama Hajimemashita (I Became a God in Japanese), has a new book coming titled Kamisama Hajimemashita Memorial Fan Book 2008-2016.

This special book contains plenty of little treasures for fans. Inside the first portion of the book contains the final volume of the manga series. Then there will be sixteen pages of colored illustrations, an epilogue chapter, various sketches, a helpful character chart and an interview with Julietta Suzuki – sensei herself. Plus the cover will feature a different piece of cover art than the normal version of the final manga volume. This fan book will be released sometime in October according to the announcement from Shojo Beat.

The single piece of artwork released teases Nanami in her bridal dress and Tomeo in his traditional Japanese wedding clothes. Perhaps, the other artwork found in this book will also have images of a wedding among pictures of their everyday outings. The above Tumblr post by Shojo Beat states a pre-order link is coming soon.

Source: Shojo Beat Tumblr

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