Mario Tennis Aces Releases in NA Next Month

Mario Tennis Aces releases in North America on June 22nd on the Nintendo Switch. So fans are getting plenty of sneak peeks this week. Nintendo’s YouTube channel has been posting a few videos depicting the modes, characters, abilities, and even the tennis rackets! New courts, rackets, and moves are all tempting for Switch owners who remember the joy of older Mario Tennis games. The largest difference in this game is the Adventure Mode. It features a fun way to learn the ropes of the court while testing personal skill.

It is up to big brother Mario to rescue Luigi from the legendary tennis racket. Darkness is moving into the bright tennis courts of the Mushroom Kingdom with the baddies: Waluigi and Wario. In Adventure Mode players will have an opportunity to play through challenging levels with plenty of imaginative situations.

Demo Available

One to four players may play a match together both locally and online! Nintendo is offering Switch owners an opportunity to try out the game through the Prelaunch Demo. This demo is available June 1st starting at 6 pm PT and ending June 3rd at 11:59 pm PT. While the event is live, Switch players may download a demo of Mario Tennis Aces.

Source & Video Source: Nintendo Versus (Nintendo of America) Twitter Page and  Nintendo North America YouTube Channel

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