Metroidvania Style, Visual Out, Launches March 2018 on PC

Visual Out was originally announced in 2015 with a 2016 Steam Greenlight trailer declaring its public early access release that November. It has been a long road for Indie team, MadameBerry Games, but Visual Out officially releases March 15, 2018, on Steam and across Mac, Linux, and Windows. It will cost $9.99.

Players control an escaped program as it traverses sections of an obsolete computer. In Metroidvania fashion, later abilities allow access to new and hidden areas. In a unique twist on the genre, Visual Out de-emphasizes direct combat. Encounters center around environmental manipulation and intelligent use of abilities to outsmart enemies.

(Visual Out, MadameBerry)

MadameBerry is a single woman indie game developer based in Ohio. She runs a website for those interested with details and updates on her work. Her two other projects thus far are Cadence and Five Suns. Descriptions for both titles are listed below:


Cadence follows a child recently diagnosed with a chronic illness through their stages of grief in a platformer where vision is limited to the character’s heartbeat.
This game was made by a team of nine for Global Game Jam 2013 and won the IndieBits Gravibyte Award for Best Humanities Game in 2014.  I acted as team lead and scripter for this project


Five Suns

Five Suns is an isometric dungeon crawler set during the Aztec creation myth of the same name. Play as two children who are imagining the creation myth as their grandmother tells them the story. Guide the children’s imaginary selves through a crumbling world and utilize Aztec incenses to activate special abilities that are unique to each character. 
This was a student project during the 2013-2014 year at Savannah College of Art and Design, created over twenty weeks with a collaboration of seventeen individuals. My contribution to this project was as team lead, designer, and scripter. Five Suns won Best 2D Game at the 2014 Entelechy Awards Show, a showcase of the best Interactive and Game Design projects at SCAD.



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