On the Way to E3 2017: Fire Emblem Expectations

The entire gaming community is awaiting for a special event next week. E3 is a conference that is awaited all year. This week is a mental preparation for learning more about our favorite game franchises and anticipating what titles will become new favorites. Intelligent Systems, the developers of the Fire Emblem games, have rarely disappointed players with their creative and challenging FE titles. Next week may hold information about a new title for the franchise in addition to Fire Emblem Warriors. My Fire Emblem expectations are high this year. With Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE being released last year, the newly released Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia and the first FE mobile game Echoes, it only seems logical that the next main-story FE game will be released sooner on the Nintendo Switch. It seems the Fire Emblem expectations for E3 2017 are as high as the Valentia flag.

Nintendo previously announced Fire Emblem Warriors for the Switch. This gives an allusion to the JRPG series will finally make a full move over to the home console. Despite Shadows of Valentia was just released a couple of weeks ago on the 3DS, we still await to hear of at least a teaser trailer of the project which is currently in the works. Being able to play an in-depth RPG both on the go and at home with the beauty of an HD television, without having to purchase two separate editions of the same game,  is an experience RGP fans have been wanting. Nintendo previously announced during one of their Direct videos in January that a Switch game for FE is being worked on and will be released sometime in 2018. Frankly, 2018 seems an awfully long wait so Nintendo must have some sort of trailer ready for this E3.

The Switch’s ability to be both a home and handheld console, will likely invite more players to feel compelled to purchase FE titles. Just like Hyrule Warriors, the Fire Emblem edition will feature old favorites of the series. In Nintendo’s official teaser, FE Warriors will feature the mighty Chrom. The hack and slash game will give lots of reasons for Switch owners to pick it up. The fun of using combos to send hundreds of enemies flying with the bonus of playing as a favorite character is a good enough reason for me to want to play it.  Nintendo also is planning on releasing a version for the New Nintendo 3DS. Both the Switch and the New 3DS versions of Fire Emblem Warriors is scheduled to be released this fall. There is little doubt as to a new trailer being shown at E3 along with an announcement of participating characters.

(Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – Nintendo)

It’s completely possible that Nintendo and Atlus will offer a re-release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE  and possibly offer a new DLC story or even a completely new second game in the spin-off series. The story of the mirages coming from the FE universe and entering into our world to stop the evil arising to envelope our people is the surface of it. The mirages have lost their memories and are trying to find out what happened to their own home that they cannot remember.

My prediction is Nintendo will reveal a teaser of a completely new FE story and a re-release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions along with a following spin-off game featuring a continuation of the Tokyo Mirage story. With the enchanting musical numbers, charming characters and aggressive dungeons, the Tokyo Mirage Wii U game will always remain one of my top favorites. It would be wonderful if Switch owners could also experience the same magic.

Are you hoping for Tokyo Mirage to make it’s way to the Switch or are you waiting anxiously to see if Nintendo teases the completely new Fire Emblem game? What are your Fire Emblem expectations? We’d love to hear your opinions so leave us a comment below!

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