Pinball Arcade Arriving on the Nintendo Switch

Farsight Games has compiled some of the greatest pinball games into one game, titled Pinball Arcade. Today they announced this game will now be available on Nintendo Switch, starting now. Pinball Arcade boasts realistic mechanics for all platforms, beautiful graphics, and leaderboards, so you can show off a little.

When docked, Pinball Arcade displays in stunning 1080p HD and clocks in at 60fps. Dynamic lighting brings you all the splendor of a real, physical pinball game, with hundreds of colored lights. You can play on your own, or get your friends and family to play against you and compete for the highest score!

Is Pinball Arcade For You?

This game is great for those who miss the days of pinball and could be equally wonderful for new gamers. Some might consider pinball to be one of the major precursors to modern games. It’s part of gaming history now. From that perspective, Farsight Games has done wonderful work in making that history accessible to future generations.

Pinball Arcade is free to download on the Nintendo e-Shop and comes with one pinball table – Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a pinball table from 1995. You can purchase all other tables in the Nintendo e-Shop.

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