Portal Knights Arriving on Nintendo Switch Next Week

Developed by Keen Games and published by 505 Games, Portal Knights started off as an Early Access title on Steam back in 2016. Since then it had its official launch in 2017, as well as a release on PS4 and Xbox One. The sandbox RPG will now be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on November 23rd. It will be available as a digital download for $29.99 USD, or you can wait until February 13th, 2018 for a physical release on the Switch. Check out a trailer for the game’s Switch announcement, above.

The cooperative game allows players to build and destroy, with Minecraft-like elements, as well as several 3D worlds to travel between. You can play the game either alone or with friends, including online with other Nintendo Switch players. This version of the game is also tailored to the Nintendo platform by offering touch screen support which lets players tap and swipe the Switch screen to quickly manage their inventory. The game also allows for four player coop wirelessly with the Switch’s Wireless Play mode. Players will be able to connect a Switch with another one and play in splitscreen, allowing four players with just two Switches to play. Or if you have four Switch consoles, you can connect them all allowing for full screen play from each player.

Portal Knights

(Portal Knights, 505 Games)

Portal Knights was released earlier this year and seems like a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch platform. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be picking it up when it releases next week.

Source: 505 Games Press Release

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