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Review: Spartan Fist

Spartan Fist - Glass Bottom Games
(Spartan Fist - Glass Bottom Games)

First-person melee combat is always a tricky thing to pull off in games (assuming, of course, that we’re talking about something more complex than a basic melee attack or two). This is especially true when said melee combat is the driving force behind the game itself.

Glass Bottom Games

Spartan Fist, the newest game from indie developer Glass Bottom Games, attempts to deliver first-person melee combat which is equal parts accessible and complex while also allowing players to work through procedurally-generated roguelike environments. It’s a concept that works surprisingly well, and in fact, the only real detractor about Spartan Fist is that there isn’t more of it to enjoy.

The story behind Spartan Fist isn’t very robust, nor is it meant to be. Playing as a former detective named Emma Jones, the player has to fight their way out of a multi-layered arena. The player does this by utilizing Emma’s boxing skills/ These skills translate into a voxel-based punching simulator where the player can utilize a variety of different basic and special attacks to unleash combos, juggle enemies, and even face down massive boss encounters.

Along the way, players can customize their “fist loadout” by equipping a number of different fist types. A typical “run” in Spartan Fist involves moving from room to room, defeating every enemy in a room to progress. Players also avoid hazards like fire traps, bottomless pits, and even speeding subway cars. In-between rooms, the player can also find optional power-ups called “Dips” that grant bonuses.

Spartan Fist may not be the most robust or immersive gameplay experience.  However, it does offer certainly feels unique, if a tad unrefined. Furthermore, Glass Door Games plans to keep the game consistently updated over the coming months. If you’re looking for an epic new adventure to sink countless hours into, Spartan Fist isn’t the best pick. But if you want a game that will provide a unique, and replayable combat experience, it fits the bill.

Spartan Fist

Spartan Fist


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