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Revisit the Definitive Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

Outed by its Amazon listing earlier this year, Sleeping Dogs: The Definitive Edition puts players back in the seasoned shoes of Wei Shen later this fall in the seedy city of Hong Kong that Square Enix promises will become “its own character.”

Running in native 1080p and including such features as heavier traffic and even grittier violence, the definitive edition brings with it a more realized asian underworld in which you’re caught between two worlds: that of the law and the lawless.

A spiritual successor, Triad Wars, will continue the Sleeping Dogs universe exclusively on PC. The online, open-world action game similarly places you squarely in the line of fire as an “Enforcer” building a criminal empire drenched in cash, guns, and other debauchery.

To us, Sleeping Dogs was an undeniable “Game of the Year candidate” that pushed and exceeded “the bar higher for open-world sandbox games.”

Sleeping Dogs: The Definitive Edition releases this Oct. 14th for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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