Rumor: Wii U Will Cost $300, While Costing Only $180 for Parts

According to unidentified sources at Forget the Box, the materials for the Wii U adds up to about $180, with the controller costing $50. This means that this next-gen console will run consumers around $300 with shipping and labor costs.

Nintendo is greatly concerned “with cutting production costs to maximize profits,”, according to one of the unnamed sources, “Nintendo wants investors to view Wii U as a less risky proposition.” This is especially pertinent, seeing as the company’s stock has a been at it’s seven-year low and it’s latest endeavor, the 3DS, having such a poor launch.

The $300 price comes from several different costs adding up. Take a look here for a full breakdown on the costs.

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[via Kotaku]

  • DSB_IV

    I don’t buy it…I’ll only believe it when I see it. If it is supposed to be more powerful than the current generation of systems, then I’d think they’d have to cut some things out in order to fit it at that price range. The controller I really don’t buy considering it’s a video screen, so if it is going to be $50, I don’t know if it’s going to look that good. 

    • It’s supposedly not as powerful as current gen, at least that’s the latest word from Nintendo. I hate it, I think the controller looks like a tablet and is far too bulky and the console itself looks less spectacular than imagined. Another 3DS in the making; a complete waste of money with a fancy gimmick attached.

      • DSB_IV

         If it really isn’t as powerful as current generation consoles, I would feel ripped off by Nintendo. While I don’t see it as another 3DS, I’m hoping it’s not like the Wii when they have a less powerful console, and the games the “casual” audience plays. With that said, I’m seriously hoping, for Nintendo’s sake, and the sake of the Nintendo fan in me that grew up on the NES and SNES, the Wii-U can bring me back to them.

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