Splatoon 2 Is About To Receive Some Significant Updates

Nintendo released a new trailer for Splatoon 2 today, and a press release detailing a number of new updates and upgrades to their hit shooter. The game has been one of the top-sellers for the Switch this year, and continues to do well. Nintendo has committed to providing free DLC and they aren’t stopping any time soon.

The first free update will happen this week, on November 23, and with it will bring a solid amount of new content. First of all, new maps will be added starting this week with Makomart mall. Makomart Mall will enter into rotation, and then Shellendorf Institute, Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall will follow it shortly. Also a new Salmon Run stage will be added; Salmonid Smokeyard looks to shake up the dynamics of the fan-favorite PVE horde mode. There will also be about 140 new pieces of gear added to the game, as well as new hairstyles and new music. Also, players can now swap gear in the match room while waiting for games, so you no longer need to completely exit matchmaking to change your load out. One of the biggest changes is the addition of prestige leveling, similar to what you see in Call of Duty and Titanfall games. Currently the player cap is at level 50, but after downloading the update, players can now get to level 99. Once they hit 99 and clear it, they will have the option to prestige basically, resetting to a new star ranking.

The second update coming to Splatoon 2 will be in mid-December. This update is primarily about a brand new mode, called Clam Blitz. Players roam around a map, collecting clams that are laying around. Once you have your clams you need to head to your opponents base, to fire the clams into their basket. However, the baskets are protected at first with a shield that can only be shattered after collecting ten clams. From then on it’s the first team to 100 that wins. The mode looks incredibly fun, and it will be great collecting and firing off clams while also splatting opponents to get their clams.

Splatoon 2 has been a great success for Nintendo and has shown what their younger staff can do when they flex some creative muscles. The game is fantastic and keeps getting more and more content, splatfests and more. What do you think of the changes? Excited to try out Clam Blitz, or finally start to prestige? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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