Spring 2017 Square Enix Surprise Box Review – Is it Too Good to Be True?

Square Enix Surprise Box, Square Enix

For the past few years Square Enix has been doing their “Square Enix Surprise Box” deals. Usually they do one in winter, and this year they also did one in the spring. Each Square Enix Surprise Box only costs 10 dollars; however, you don’t get to see what is in the surprise box until you pay for it (hence the surprise part.) So in order to decide whether or not the Square Enix Surprise Box is worth your time or if you would do better to spend your money elsewhere, I decided to write up a review with my experience and opinions on the matter.

First off, Square Enix mentions when they advertise these surprise boxes that what you are getting is a package of five games that are worth 80 dollars for ten dollars. They aren’t kidding here. This is what I received in my surprise box:

Hitman Absolution Elite Edition – (Hitman: Absolution with all of its extra content and DLC.) – $24.99

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – $9.99

The Last Remnant – $9.99

Murdered: Soul Suspect – $29.99

Dungeon Siege III – $14.99

(The Last Remnant, Square Enix)

(The Last Remnant, Square Enix)

This leads to a grand total of $89.95 worth of games all for the low price of $9.99. Additionally, you get a Square Enix digital store coupon that offers 20 dollars off your next purchase. There is a catch to this however. Here is a direct quote from my receipt –

“20% Off Next Purchase (Digital Catalog Games Only: Excludes Pre-Order and Eastern Titles*) “– The asterisk directs you to the bottom of the invoice, which reads:

*Eastern titles consist of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Front Mission, Nier, I am Setsuna, and Last Remnant titles

So essentially I can buy anything on Square Enix’s digital store, as long as it isn’t a Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Nier, Front Mission, or Eastern RPG title. For a company that is known for its RPGs and its eastern content, that GREATLY limits what I could spend this coupon on. As a Final Fantasy fan, what if I wanted to use my coupon on an expansion for Final Fantasy XIV? This seems like poor oversight since many of their most well known franchises are excluded from this deal. Perhaps it’d be better if they’d simply say what the coupon does cover in the main description for it, instead of what it excludes.

Overall, I greatly recommend the Square Enix Surprise Box because even if you don’t want some of the games in the bundle (or you already have some) you can give them as gifts, or donate them to a streamer on Twitch to give away! Sharing is caring as they say and can you really pass up a deal like this? Where AAA titles are given to you at a fraction of the cost? I think not.

Disclaimer: BagoGames was not given a Square Enix Surprise Box to review. This author purchased it on their own volition and for their own personal use. 

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