The Technomancer’s Companions Trailer Reveals Complex Relationships

The Technomancer

The Technomancer is coming out in a little over a month, and looks particularly ambitious. Giving off strong Mass Effect vibes, the latest trailer released by publisher Focus Home Interactive shows off the intricate relationships between your fellow companions and the ways in which they will aid or hinder your journey through Mars. You can watch the trailer above and see just how crucial your companions are to your adventure.

Your companions are, unlike other games, actually helpful in the game itself. They will ask favors of you and help you out on quests, and in return they can help you out in combat with different combat styles that complement your own. Make friends with your companions and they’ll be friendly with you, but they all have their own stakes and code to live by so don’t push their buttons too much. And yes, romancing other characters is definitely viable.

There is also a deep amount of customization that comes from your companions in The Technomancer. Each character has their own inventory and will level up alongside you. So don’t worry about characters falling behind in stats, but make sure you upgrade them accordingly. Your companions being well-equipped means your odds of survival are much higher in the wasteland.

I’m actually fairly excited for The Technomancer because of its science fiction setting and seemingly similar systems as Mass Effect. If it’s truly a Spiders game though, it will carry far more ambitious mechanics in it that may or may not pan out. The game releases on June 28th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Focus Home Interactive Press Release

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