The Rise and Fall of League of Legends

League of Legends, Riot Games; Published 2009

Back in the day, I started playing League of Legends. My brother introduced me to the game shortly after he started playing. I had troubles learning the game, but it kept me interested and wanting to try all the possibilities. Fast forward 5 years and I have just stopped playing the game, and for once it wasn’t because of the community; it was because of the direction the developers took with the gameplay and updates.

League of Legends Prime

In its prime (seasons 4 and 5), plenty of content creators made videos on League of Legends and many articles were made. It started to bring a name to esports and become one of the most popular games in the world, surpassing World of Warcraft. With consistent updates pumped out with plenty of thought, the game was only getting the better. New champions, new items, new maps, new everything! These were League of Legends’ most evolutionary stages. Everything was going amazing. YouTubers were so excited to make new videos on updates and show off all these cool new gimmicks. But everything had changed when the Riot Games development team attacked. The constant changes and nerfs to popular champions meant the game’s boundaries were constantly evolving. You’d get stuck in a meta, rendering half the champion list “unviable” unless you could outplay your opponent.


(League of Legends, Riot Games)

The Change of Characters

Some of my favorite champions have been changed beyond recognition, nerfed deeply underground (I will always love you Taliyah). New items with overpowered/game-breaking actives were introduced, and fan favorites such as Deathfire Grasp were removed. Something that really bugs me with the direction of development is how they started making their champions. I want to start with the graphical changes: Where did the spooky go? Why is everything being turned into a Walt Disney re-creation?

Seriously though . . . what did you guys do to Urgot? He was once menacing, and now he looks like the friggin’ Tickle Monster. It really feels like Riot Games stopped listening to what the community wants. The game is still very fun, no doubt, but it’s just not that enjoyable for me anymore. There’s not that kind of enjoyment there where you feel like wasting 3 hours binging 6 rounds of League of Legends.

To conclude, I will always miss what this game was, and it will never be what it was.

It’s not a bad game, it’s just not as good as it used to be. It’s depressing to see a game go downhill. So many people including myself have seen a lot of money go to waste because we thought a promising game such as League of Legends would last forever. If I have any advice for you guys reading this, it would probably be, don’t spend money on a game that you won’t enjoy in a couple of years.

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