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The Song in Your Heart Review – Giving Hope Through a Song

Once Upon a Time is a television series that takes all of the fairy tale stories from the Disney films and blends them into one tale–for better or worse. Characters from nostalgic classics films such as Snow White, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast (just to name a few) are all living in their own realms within a world known as the Enchanted Forest. One day the Evil Queen casts a curse banishing everyone to our own mundane world so that Snow White and her Prince Charming will never have a happy ending. Through the many years of battles and various arguments and spell casting, the Evil Queen becomes good and wants to live beside her former enemies.

In its current season season, Emma (the daughter of Snow White and Charming) is fated to battle a different type of evil: the Black Fairy. Despite all of the heartache and pain the Charming family has been though, hope still lives on and helps guide them through every problem. It only makes sense that such a series would have a musical. So this past Sunday, ABC aired The Song in Your Heart giving hope to the show’s team and to viewers that love and goodness will persevere.

Once Upon a Musical / ABC

Once Upon a Musical / ABC

The music comes first in this spectacular event. Viewers can easily see how the composers Michael Weiner and Alan Zachary crafted each song to befit the characters’ individuality. From Regina’s song “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance” to  “A Happy Beginning” for Emma and Captain Hook, the characters’ songs melded with their own personal stories and personalities. A bit of credit goes directly to the actors themselves. Everyone seemed to enjoy performing this musical special and their love for the Once Upon a Time series shown through.

Once Upon a Musical / ABC

Once Upon a Musical / ABC

The costumes are always a large part of concern for this series. Each person has a distinctive look to represent their character more than most movies. The Evil Queen’s sassy attitude is always prevalent, especially in her costumes for The Song in Your Heart. Snow & Charming share their passion for all that is good and royal by wearing royal garments as they storm Regina’s castle with the intent of using their song to vanquish her. It is easy to imagine the costumes and songs from this special slipping into a Broadway musical. Although, the musical would need to feature the original actors to make it as enchanting as the television show.

A sweet gesture from the writers, a singing blue bird in the beginning of the episode stands as a testament to the original Walt Disney films of Snow White, Cinderella and Mary Poppins. Seeing this little bird helps restore the faith in the ABC division of Disney Company that some of their writers and creators want to honor the Disney Classics. Over the years the ABC shows seem to fall far from the parent company yet every once in awhile a jewel shines through the sand.

Once Upon a Musical / ABC

Once Upon a Musical / ABC

One major question arises among fans of the series as to whether or not ABC will renew it for a seventh season. The Song in Your Heart gives a sense that the actors and writers are ready for whatever their future holds for the show. Since the airing of Once Upon a Musical, the series Once Upon a Time is in fact renewed for at least one more season. Although not the season finale, this special did have an air of finality about it. After a sweet and rocky romance, Captain Hook and Emma Swan are married in a spectacular production. Whatever may come after the Evil Fairy casts her latest curse everyone is ready to to survive and thrive as they have throughout their adventures. As a fan of Once Upon a Time since the first episode aired, I sincerely hope this show is approved for many more seasons. After all, the Charmings have taught me to always hope.

Once Upon a Musical

Once Upon a Musical




  • Songs Match the Characters Personality
  • Costumes are Perfect
  • Actors Appeared to Have Fun With the Musical


  • A Bit Sad Considering This May Be the Last Season
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