The World Needs a Rick and Morty Game

Rick and Morty, Adult Swim

I was recently shown how amazing Rick and Morty is from a good friend, and I’m quite surprised that no game developer has attempted to turn the cartoon series into an amazing game. South Park‘s recent RPG success should be a sounding board for more RPGs based on cartoon properties. Rick and Morty‘s humor and overall take on the universe could really spice up our gaming shelf. I would love to have an open world Rick and Morty game to place next to my Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole games. The chances of this ever happening are slim to none seeing as this show is never a priority for the creators, I mean they’ve not even begun writing Season 4, which is somewhat of a letdown, but at least Adult Swim allows me to watch their Season 3 antics over and over.

The humor in this show is top notch. Yes, there is blatant in-your-face humor, but there is also deep and insightful humor and the darkest depth of who knows where humor. My favorite humor is the completely dark humor, one of my favorite episodes is the Mr. Meeps Episode, and I loved how dark it went. The creepy Jelly Bean king, his fate, the way Rick treats his family is all so dark, but still so laugh out loud funny. If Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland would jump on board with some story ideas and some situations I think this game would be both hilarious and true to the show. If they aren’t on board like Trey Parker and Matt Stone were, then don’t even attempt to make the game, it would be a shell of the show like the South Park games on the N64 and PlayStation.

(Rick and Morty – Adult Swim)

The multiple realities in the show would make this RPG a very easy drop in and out co-op title. Think Borderlands, you have your own campaign and other Rick and Morty’s can arrive, help you with your main storyline, leave you goodies then bounce out. At the beginning of the game, you would be allowed to tweak your Rick and Morty just a bit, so that they are as unique as possible for you and your “universe.” You could outfit them with the super robot suits in the purge episode or even make them “Cronenberg” Rick and Morty should you fancy that style. Once that is out of the way you go about doing certain quests and missions that line up with the television show, and once you finally unlock the Council of Ricks anyone you meet there can jump into your “universe” if you allow them. There, of course, will be some Ricks that just don’t want any other dimensional counterparts in his “universe,” and it’s fine to play like that. However, should you have some Rick and Morty’s you want in your “universe” they could drop in, help out with higher level bosses and leave you some good loot that is only available in their “universe.” This really is the only game where other main characters make sense.

We all know that the huge gaps between seasons are a huge letdown. Knowing that Season 4 won’t hit until sometime in 2019 if we are lucky, is a bummer; however, if we can get some of the writers to help with a game adaptation, that may make the wait feel shorter. Should Harmon and Roiland decide to push this game to be developed, there actually is a pretty good chance it would make it to our game systems before the next season is out. They don’t seem to be in a huge rush to begin the process, so a game could be developed reasonably fast. The art style isn’t too difficult, so maybe just maybe we would get a game before the next season. I’m sure this is just wishful thinking, but maybe this would fill the gap between seasons 4 and 5.

(Rick and Morty – Adult Swim)

It is always very difficult to find a proper developer for niche games like this, but I would throw this title out to Obsidian Entertainment. They’ve already proven themselves with licensed entertainment with amazing games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and South Park: The Stick of Truth. How could we not allow them to work in tandem with Harmon and Roiland to create one of the best licensed games ever? They worked seamlessly with Parker and Stone to bring us one of the best and funniest licensed RPG’s to date, and I know they didn’t develop Fractured But Whole, but I can’t wait to see what Parker and Stone learned from their first experience. We know that the developers at Obsidian can take a creators idea and turn it into gold. I would love to see what they could do with the Rick and Morty franchise.

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